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General English instructor
2018-12-19, 9:19 PM
  Dərs Evi
salary   400 - 600 AZN
Son müraciət tarixi : 2019-01-18
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General English instructor

Dərs Evi Innovative Education Center announces a vacancy for the position of General English instructor.

There are a lot of such types of announcements. Well, and why should you definitely work with us?

- You will realize that teaching is really a great profession ever
- You will regularly face innovations and take part in application of world’s best practices in Azerbaijan directly
- You will look forward for the Monday on weekends. You will miss your work, your teammates and projects!
- You will get along like a house on fire at work
- You will ever have a problem like “I have no work. If someone had given me something to do, I would have been immersed”
- You will work with professionals in a family atmosphere and will develop together
- You will improve yourself not only in teaching, but also in such spheres as business development, management, and marketing.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Now, that’s a place you need. Come and take your place. We’re waiting for you!

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Cümə, 2019-01-18, 3:03 PM
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